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For This Exclusive Annual Event
for CEOs, Presidents and Franchise
Sales & Development Execs

Consider this your annual industry briefing. Hear the latest research and strategies for improving your sales and development performance.

  • Exclusivity, only Franchisors can attend
  • 25 Educational Sessions focused on franchise sales, marketing and development
  • Expertise of more than 40 industry leaders
  • 5 Skill Building Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Revealing Research – 14th Annual Franchise Development Report

  • 40+ Franchise Service Providers with solutions to keep your franchise running in top shape
  • Personalized Performance Report lets you know how your sales recruitment efforts are performing in 5 key areas ($2500 value FREE)

See what you missed at the
2012 Franchise Leadership
& Development Conference

Student Profile

Breakdown of 200 Franchisor Attendees in 2012

  • 30%  CEOs, President, Founders, and Co-Founders
  • 36%  Chief Development Officers, Senior Vice Presidents of Development, Vice Presidents of Development
  • 4 % CFOs, COOs, CMO
  • 30%  Directors of Franchise Development, Sales and Recruitment

Who Should Attend

Attendance is exclusively limited to franchisors only. Job titles represented include CEOs, Presidents, VPs of Sales, VPs of Marketing, Directors of Sales/Marketing/Operations just to name a few.



My first day in franchising came in May 1985, when I was a young college student. I had no idea where that decision would lead. After all, it was just a summer job! It turned out to be a great decision, introducing me to the world of "franchise development and growth through the addition of new franchisees"—something many of us still refer to as franchise sales.

The world has taken many twists and turns since then, constantly challenging those of us in "franchise development and growth" to innovate, improve, or be left behind. One reliable way we stay ahead of the curve is to attend the Franchise Leadership & Development Conference every fall. It's a chance to meet with other "forward thinkers," put our heads together, and look for ways to improve ourselves, our teams, and our brands.

What can you and I look forward to at this year's event? A lot! Beyond the excellent speakers, sessions, and panels featuring new and refreshed content dealing with today's needs, there also are opportunities for:

  • Experienced CEOs to meet with fellow CEOs and press each other on the constraints and opportunities they're facing.
  • Newer franchise development executives to participate in basic skills sessions focused on the fundamentals of franchise sales success.
  • Sales managers to work on leadership skills to improve the performance of their teams and to review some ground breaking research that gets to the very heart of motivating and coaching outstanding sales talent.

And of course there's more—from inspiring keynote speakers to engaging educational sessions on how to build appropriate content, leverage technology, and attract the best candidates for our systems—as well as business solution roundtables and plenty of time to meet with your peers and solution providers and potential partners.

One of the most interesting things about such a large group of talented sales professionals coming together for this conference is seeing how some of the greatest and biggest egos in our business interact, share, and work together. Let's face it. We're in sales! We like to close transactions, and to do that we must have supreme confidence in our own abilities and the systems we work within.

Tom Wood

I look forward to seeing you at the opening of the event, and to how we all respond to the many opportunities this conference provides. I hope you'll join me in making this the best event yet, stretching our individual skill sets to new limits and challenging our peers around us to do the same.

See you in Atlanta!
Tom Wood, President & CEO, Floor Coverings International
2013 Conference Chair

  • "Whether you've just entered this business or have been
    around for decades, you will learn something. You will
    make great connections and be eager to share with those
    who weren't there... I did."

    Kathy Davidson, Manager Franchise Sales, Church's Chicken

  • "This is a must attend event if you work or are involved in franchise development!"

    Kevin Drudge, Franchise Development Manager, Maaco

  • "Very valuable information combined with an excellent opportunity for networking make this conference a must attend for franchisors."

    Linda Shaub, Vice President of Marketing, Interim Healthcare

  • "The information you receive will enhance your ability to perform you job at an optimum level."

    Matlyn Locklin, Business Development Manager, Popeyes Lousianna Kitchen